Hey kids! I’m Elastigirl and I am the guest super hero for today.

Since me and my family have these powers, we are put at an advantage that is not always fair to others, especially when it comes to sports. I typically don’t always encourage my kids to play competitive sports because of these advantages but hey, I’m a pretty competitive woman so I’m down to play when we get a chance. I have always been a fan of soccer, and my prime position is goalkeeping. I’m pretty flexible with all the positions but hey, all I’m saying is that having limbs that can stretch very far comes in handy when it comes to goalkeeping.

Here are 3 tips to think about before playing:

  1. You should always stretch before playing. A proper warm up is essential so that you reduce your injuries.
  2. Stay focused. Don’t let the other players get inside your head
  3. IMPORTANT: Have fun.