I know that my main audience wanted to be directed at those who are around my age, either in high school, college, or maybe just graduated from college. It didn’t really matter to me whether or not they were athletes; if people in the audience were athletes, I hope they would still find my website interesting because my position is pretty unique. When people think of soccer they tend to think of the goal scorers or the defenders and not really the goalkeepers.

Because of this position I tend to think differently about certain situations so I wanted to outline my thinking process the most with my blogs. In addition, goalkeeping is pretty intense and requires a lot of strength and can be perceived as a more masculine position and while I am very strong and athletic I also have a very gentle personality. So I went with more of a girly theme because it stood out to me and I liked it. I had also hoped that it would draw more girls to my site as well and keep them curious, considering the title of my website speaks for itself about what it’s all about.