For this week I will reviewing Chii’s Sweet Home linked here:

I was very excited to browse through this website after seeing that it was another food website and I do love food. I was intrigued when noticing that it would be Asian cuisine with a Western style added to it, this I think would entice their directed audience and create an eagerness to try something new. Food is something that anyone can relate to but as a college student and an international student, I think that this kind of site would target the college or high school students well. Especially since we are all pressed for time and could use some ideas for cooking!

According to Shelby Carpenter from the Forbes website, it can be hard to maintain and keep creating content for the site. Food I think is something that could really last a while if you really put your mind to it. There are so many recipes and different types of food that can be made and posted. And like Chii explained in her About section, she will include recipes that you can make when you don’t want to put a lot of effort into cooking or don’t have a lot of time, it is just a matter of getting creative.

I love the pink background with the white boxes and different shade of pink text. It pops, demands attention, and the different shades of pink work well together. Another thing that I liked, was the different pictures of foods at the top of the pages when clicking on different categories, this too goes well with the color scheme and layout of the website. It again would capture the audience’s attention and pique their interest to linger.

The categories on the side of the site allow for an easy way to navigate through the site instead of just scrolling up and down, if flows smoothly so the audience won’t get frustrated and give up.

One thing I might recommend is the About section. This picture is also lovely, different, and also matches the color theme. It did take me a little while to figure out that I actually had to click on the picture to take me to the About page so I would recommend putting a little description on the bottom saying “Click Here” or something like that! 🙂

Overall, I love the idea and uniqueness of this website! There is still work to be done and I can’t wait to see what other content they create.