Today I will be reviewing Angelika’s website titled “Traditional Russian Cuisine” which let’s me know exactly what it’s about and I was very excited to explore her website because I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about Russian food so I was really curious and wanted to know more! Her website is linked here:

Her site is very beautiful, the images she uses are very colorful and flow nicely and she has a lot of white space. It was very easy to navigate through her website and I do love food so I was very interested, not only that but the images she used really draw you in. Her site is very usable and fun to explore especially with all of the colors which really gets your attention and keeps you curious. And honestly who doesn’t love food?

There is some integration of social media on her site, like a little side menu with links to platforms like Facebook and I think one link to Instagram.

One thing that I would recommend would be the placement of her “About” boxes which are located on the right of her Home Page, and the rest of her posts are located on the left. I was thinking that since the writing for her posts are centered, it might be a good idea to move the “About” boxes to the bottom of her page and see if she can center the pages so that it correlates to her writing setup.

Angelika is doing a really good job with her website and I can’t wait to see what else she provides for us. You can tell it is something she is really passionate about and is a very unique that piques your interest!