For this week, I reviewed Vanessa’s blog Tindertales, a site about online dating, and all I have to say is wow! I love the online dating idea as it pertains to today and is something that is happening more often, especially in light of the recent events and changes of this year and as we are all making the shift towards everything being online. Her mini assignments and process posts are well worded and pertain to her whole online dating idea extremely well. I love the stories and the posts about definitions and words besides ghosting, the worst profiles for men, and personal stories about the wonders of dating apps. They are not only comedic but insightful and as someone who has just been introduced to the online dating world I will be visiting this website again to make sense of it. Her posts are well worded with almost no grammatical errors and easily understood and phrased in a way that can be relatable to just about anyone regardless if you do participate in online dating.

The set up to her website is beautiful and eye-catching and extremely organized. It is inviting and easy to roam around and admire. I loved her color scheme, very bright and bubbly that gives a cute aesthetic. The home page kind of reminds me of an app screen with each post labeled accordingly and if you get confused, the options are available in the menu bar making it easy to navigate your way through the website. It is simple without being dull in a any way and fun to aimlessly click and read the various posts.

I don’t know if I would or could make any changes to this website or recommend anything to improve her site because it is so well put together and thought of and I honestly cannot wait to see what other awesome stories and tips she has in store for us. She seems like she is really enjoying this project and having fun with her online dating idea. I feel like I will be checking this site weekly to see the other kinds of tips and stories prepared for us.